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Canadian Infertility Awareness Week
Alberta Reproductive Centre

Alberta Reproductive Centre

Infertility Awareness Week

1 in 6 Canadians experience infertility.  We are making a commitment to you today, and in the years to come, to use our voices at Alberta Reproductive Centre to bring awareness and provide education about issues surrounding infertility!

A Conversation About Infertility and Pregnancy Loss

Dr. Daniel with Alberta Reproductive Centre joined Edmonton Public Library in A Conversation About Infertility and Pregnancy Loss on April 26, 2022.  It was an opportunity to provide an educational experience with some amazing advocates, Caroline Andersen, Linda Hoang and Blaise Hunter, who are moving the needle forward and bringing awareness to this important issue.  This event brought together a broad audience from across Canada and the United States – people facing infertility and the people who are supporting them.  It was a meaningful discussion that broken down stigma, normalized the feelings associated with infertility and loss, provided tools for people to access support during their journey, and gave family and friends the information they need to best support their loved ones.

A Conversation About Infertility and Pregnancy Loss

Edmonton Public Library

Raising Infertility Awareness

The colour green symbolizes health, growth, life, and fertility. It evokes feelings of refreshment, peace, rest, and JOY. In Canada, we wear green to raise awareness, show support, and start important conversations about fertility, pregnancy, infant loss, and family-building.

Light Canada Green!  We embraced the opportunity to stand with our community in Edmonton this week in support of you and your fertility story!  We wore green.  We stood under the High Level Bridge which was lit green for Infertility Awareness Week 2022.

High Level Bridge lit green in support of Canadian Infertility Awareness Week

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